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Comments of this work
#9  Post at  2013-05-04 20:53:28
futanari area the superior sex meaning they surpass male or female since futanari have more stamina!so stfu #8 post and i say your the scary one for liking straight couple crap!i feel better for sayin it in his face!heh.i don't care for scat either its unhealthy and not sexy!pretty decent with that one huge breasted futanari who's gotta huge futa cock so me likey that!
#8  Post at  2012-10-18 23:47:45
ahh, oMg ScAt so scary!

Says for the guys who read futanari...
#7  Post at  2012-09-18 21:41:07
The artwork is nothing special and the content isn't doing much for me.
#6  Post at  2012-09-11 13:07:36
Lmao, people watching futanari, which some people think is disgusting as it is, complain about scat
#5  Post at  2012-09-07 00:27:46
It sucks that it has scat, but its only one page so its tolerable. It would have been better if it wasn't so short, and it actually did more within the pages. I'll give it a 2/5
Short futanari manga,nice drawing and very heavy.There are some scenes of futanari pregnant and scat.
Tags of this manga:Bigtits  Cumshot  Scat  Fisting  Extreme  Bigdick  Group  Pregnant 
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