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Comments of this work
#5  Post at  2013-05-23 22:45:30
Again once more i point out that futanari are supremely better because they injoy sex more!oh and no males allowed!unless he haves sex with a futa i guess he might be cool for that...:/ now if you'll excuse me i gotta find me some skinny futas with big tittys and muscle futas with big tittys so see ya guys i I'm outta here!
#4  Post at  2013-05-23 22:28:52
For dis hear hentai manga while i don't mind males mating females but parish the thought since i hate any male involved in this! after all futanaris are more superior!why?cuase they injoy sex on greater level duh!also impressively drawn porno comic and there are some translations that don't make sense but good effort doing your best at translations!masogenistic in the fact that one male is allowed to be muscle pumped but not the girl?!no muscle girl!:(anger on that page!I'm out!
#3  Post at  2011-09-04 23:06:34
correct me if im wrong, but this aint futanari, is it?
#2  Post at  2010-06-09 19:24:10
Who thé Moron who go on this site whit a wii
#1  Post at  2008-12-10 00:44:00
Very famous fetish manga series powered by Type90,about pussy anal fisting.Unfortunately it's censored,but Translated.
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