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Comments of this work
#9  Post at  2013-04-12 23:31:14
Futa dopyu heaven a huh.i do remember reading the translated version and yet i get the feeling their could be more storys on this porno manga.yeah you guys are right about these futanari not being shemale unless they have post #6 your not the only who finds these colored pages at the beginning fantastic!aside from that the whole dark magic futa vs demon girl was pretty neat an all with double sickles and a grim reaper like weapon was a cool touch!except tentacle rape.all super!
#8  Post at  2012-08-17 13:07:47
is there a part 2 ?
#7  Post at  2012-05-29 19:34:02
This looks familiar...
#6  Post at  2012-05-29 18:43:45
Wow, this is the first comic I've seen where people actually posted more than just like 2 lines... Nobody liked the full colored pictures besides me?!
#5  Post at  2012-05-29 16:39:49
1st i agree with poster #3 i see no reason to tag this as shemale 2nd this was quite good hopefully part2/B will posted soon and 3rd i wish it was a little more hardcore
Nice drawing futanari manga,uncensored.There are a lot nasty futanari group sex and tentacle material in this manga,and some fullcolor pages.
Tags of this manga:Blowjob  Anal  Slut  Bigtits  Cumshot  Schoolgirl  Extreme  Group 
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