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#4  Post at  2013-11-08 00:26:29
futa with balls x boy? wow this site has turned from a site was actually an okay place to find futa doujin/manga to a heaping pile of festering crap good job admin/uploader for uploading such terrible crap
#3  Post at  2013-10-22 10:18:12
All ready translated
#2  Post at  2013-10-21 21:57:27
I was so ready to fap
#1  Post at  2013-10-21 17:01:45
again, another Futanari on male for more like that

search for Male:futanari on male

or on (youll have to create an account on the forum : have fun
Futanari School Student Council,this is part A.Nice drawing adult manga of futa schoolgirls fucking boy,very nasty.Chapter 1:A poor(or lucky?) boy has transferred to futnari school, and has been fucked by those lustful dickgirls in both mouth and anal.Chapter 2:Slutty futa schoolgirls fucked each other in pool then two of them stuck their huge dicks into boy's asshole at sametime.
Tags of this manga:Handjob  Blowjob  Anal  Slut  Cumshot  Schoolgirl  Extreme  Bigdick  Group 
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