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Comments of this work
#16  Post at  2013-04-17 12:49:51
No no!i its like this o.o now that's the way he really emoted his reaction to this hentai manga!lol and while she isn't cammy white obviously i have to say there's some funny but true comments here that question the hentai manga also lol once again(3rd time) neat rocking art!
#15  Post at  2013-04-17 12:28:55
Yeah that ain't cammy white for sure and i do love futa muscle!and her as one is cool except giving her a pig expression with straps to do that just uglyfies her!even with hairy armpits too!better fuck other futas instead crimson viper because worthless male fucking you don't seem right to me...yuck!i wish she had that bit of wee muscle in street fighter so she can come off a little more realisticly in street fighter 4!ball crushing?ugh... on the plus side the art rocks!
#14  Post at  2013-04-17 11:49:27
#2 post indeed as i got the way he emoted correctly spelled!lol oh man oh man!lol
#13  Post at  2013-04-17 11:39:46
Opps! i mean he went like this 0.0...........i think!lol
#12  Post at  2012-04-25 20:48:20
Crimson. Viper. OBVIOUSLY. I respect Cammy as a character so if it really WERE her I wouldn't even look twice at this book. (...oh and good book very hot.)
Ultimate nasty doujinshi of Street Fighter(Video Game),the drawing is very good.In this doujin CAMMY as a slutty futanari.She has been tortured very hard,inserted in peehole,punched balls,gaped anal...but she got a real orgasm by that.
Tags of this manga:Anal  Slut  Punishment  Bigtits  Cumshot  Extreme  Slave  Doujinshi  Game  Peehole  Bigdick 
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