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Comments of this work
#13  Post at  2016-06-14 21:45:49
#12  Post at  2012-12-19 14:20:09
So we didn't get enough MomoexAoi in the main book. Eh? EH?

At least five other futas that should have gotten sidebook focus, but nooooooo, more megane-maniac iq the ticket, yup! As if oversaturation wasn't already a problem.
#11  Post at  2012-07-06 02:14:29
i was so happy when aoi died at the end of the series she was so freaking annoying... also theres been three sidestory books and two of them have been momoe x aoi what a waste
#10  Post at  2012-07-04 07:42:05
great series want the pass so i can unzip it tho T.T

more dude makin this series up more!!!!
#9  Post at  2012-02-08 10:07:36
Sorry, but where is the last Page from this Manga?
In the Japanese version have this Manga 41 Pages, but in this English version missing the Page 41. Is the last Page in the Hospital!
The translated version of Phallic Girls 3.Enjoy this nice futanari manga.
Tags of this manga:Cumshot  Schoolgirl  Extreme  Bigdick  Anal  Translated  English 
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