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Comments of this work
#22  Post at  2013-08-04 22:08:32
Futa haters shouldn't be on this site it's called "futa"hentai for a reason
#21  Post at  2013-06-05 11:13:45
Futa haters stfu!as for futa lovers we know they are superior hot stuff unlike males or females futanari have the male n female vag plus greater sex drive!:)an i too have seen the witch blade anime!also seeing masane make futa love with the adopted daughter who's under age but with the real mother just makes it hotter and better!oh and thanks for the hentai manga guys!:)
#20  Post at  2012-12-04 14:26:37
this is just ...... >~‹ ƒuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkkkkkk
#19  Post at  2012-11-15 14:33:36
I cannot seem to find the translated one but i do however know for a fact that I've read this doujin translated sometime before. I tried typing Witch\_Blade and Alucard\_Hellsing but i did not work. I also googled it but i couldn't find it. Please help me guys.
Great regards
#18  Post at  2012-07-29 22:18:01
...okay ive this has got to be one of the most disturbing futa mangas ive ever seen in my life.
This is a Futanari Doujinshi of a Japan anime Witch Blade.There are many sexy futanari in this doujin,do you like they fucking each other,taking footjob by girl and geting covered in cum...
Tags of this manga:Footjob  Blowjob  Squirt  Anal  Bigtits  Titjob  Cumshot  Doujinshi 
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