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Comments of this work
#9  Post at  2014-09-01 22:54:00
think of it like this, where hitting a gals gspot causes her to squirt....urethral play for us men is the equivilant, IF you let yourself enjoy it that is. it will blow your mind with how it makes you unload nearly continulously, just not to the effect that happens with our beloved futa's. but still close enough.
#8  Post at  2014-09-01 22:49:23
actually #5 urethral play is very stimulating and kakes wonderful foreplay, like a woman's first few times, it stings. then after getting your urethra accustomed to taking something small, like a pen or stylus, the pain will of course subside giving way to mind blowing pleasure. hence the huge dicked chicks pleasured facial expressions.
#7  Post at  2013-02-06 10:19:07
hello futahentai team...

when i want to download this manga from rapidshare, it was said "Download permission denied by uploader". It wasn't happen to me before but since three days ago i can't download any manga from your website.

any idea?
#6  Post at  2012-12-26 15:07:02
Pg 27...I'm not understanding the mechanics of that at all XD
#5  Post at  2011-06-21 22:57:01
Peephole one was great...but that wud hurt like a BITCH
Part B of World of Futanari 2.There are a lot amazing futanari sex scenes like cute futa sticking her dick in another's peehole...
Tags of this manga:Cumshot  Extreme  Peehole  Bigdick  Group 
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