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Views:7179408   Ratings:4.19
Nice futanari manga.Skinny futanari schoolgirl with huge dick has been fucked by another in public.
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Views:   Ratings:4.31
Part C of Futanari School Student Council.There is only one chapter in this futanari manga:futa school girls and a boy gangbang in public to run for president of student council,they fucked each other on the platform,there are some crazy sex scenes,futa girl stuck her dick into another's peehole and came a lot.
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Views:17948535   Ratings:4.06
Part B of Futanari School Student Council.There are two chapters in this nasty futanari manga.Chapter 1: Futa schoolgirl who with big foreskin has been fucked by her slutty classmates,they stuck pair of dicks into her foreskin and came in there;Chapter 2: A new tough dickgirl with monster cock stepped in,her started a nasty gangbang in classroom,naked futa girls made a human pyramid and fucked by another from bottom to top.
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Views:20244158   Ratings:3.31
Futanari School Student Council,this is part A.Nice drawing adult manga of futa schoolgirls fucking boy,very nasty.Chapter 1:A poor(or lucky?) boy has transferred to futnari school, and has been fucked by those lustful dickgirls in both mouth and anal.Chapter 2:Slutty futa schoolgirls fucked each other in pool then two of them stuck their huge dicks into boy's asshole at sametime.
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Views:7028656   Ratings:4.54
Part B of Futanari fantasia vol.4. In Chapter 1 a slutty schoolgirl has been turned into futanari by magic and gave her girlfriend a good fuck.Chapter 2,dickgirls with hugeballs fucked each other in spaceship,very nasty.Chapter 3,it's just a common futanari manga.
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Views:7288832   Ratings:4.46
Futanari fantasia vol.4,this is part A.Very nice drawing adult manga of futa schoolgirls sex,uncensored.Chapter 1:lustful schoolgirl turnd her little sister into futanari then got a good fuck.Chapter 2:dickgirl maid raped her mistress.Chapter 3:two futa schoolgirls masturbated together in classroom.
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