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A crazy futanari doujinshi of Queen's Blade and Bleach.There are a lot bizarre futa sex scenes like sticking dick into peehole,foreskin sex,and tits dick.And there are some fullcolor pages.
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#11  Post at  2013-02-11 23:51:00
chapter 1 is Code Geass
#10  Post at  2012-10-10 02:28:03
There is no peehole tag. Is that supossed to be a joke?
#9  Post at  2012-07-18 01:27:56
get used to it
#8  Post at  2011-12-06 14:43:17
we cant see anything trhwo those black lines
#7  Post at  2010-12-20 22:31:28
make more futa like this dammit!!!
#6  Post at  2010-06-02 03:48:51
Only word that comes to mind is "good"
#5  Post at  2010-02-23 19:00:00
this is code geass at the beginning
#4  Post at  2010-02-05 11:21:44
Should've add Shemale in the tags
#3  Post at  2010-01-22 20:25:34
May we have a translated version of this manga, please?
#2  Post at  2010-01-12 11:26:11
more importantly, this needs a peehole tag (see page 4)
#1  Post at  2010-01-11 23:50:48
we need an uncencored version of this.
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