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The translated version of My Paramour.Enjoy this English futanari manga.
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#15  Post at  2017-02-22 18:45:53
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#12  Post at  2015-07-18 12:15:05
The Best Picture Anime Ecchi Hentai! [*o^]
#11  Post at  2015-03-02 05:19:04
too short
#10  Post at  2012-12-31 01:33:39
a continuation of this piece would be nice. in other words, part 2 part 2 part 2!! :D
#9  Post at  2012-11-27 22:06:21
that escalated quickly
#8  Post at  2012-10-18 05:07:05
Part two!!!
#7  Post at  2012-06-12 21:15:09
part 2 part 2 this needs a part 2
#6  Post at  2012-06-02 13:43:21
that was great,I demand a part 2!
#5  Post at  2011-11-21 11:56:58
more please
#4  Post at  2011-10-27 12:42:36
can we please have a continuation of My\_Paramour in english
#3  Post at  2011-09-27 20:16:25
Thumbs up for translation, thanks.
#2  Post at  2011-09-26 15:24:04
WOO! Translated.
#1  Post at  2011-09-26 12:56:24
Seems someone forgot the effects of cold showers.
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