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Short futanari manga.Cute futanari schoolgirl has been fucked by a boy,and jerked off in public.
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#6  Post at  2013-01-06 18:59:02
She is so hot
#5  Post at  2012-08-02 22:12:08
I thought this was a great read in my opinion, since I'm a big fan of Futanari exhibitionism. Loved the art and I love the artist too, this is definitely another great addition to my quick list xD
#4  Post at  2012-07-28 05:08:40
another i would love to see in english i love the ones that have a futanari and a boy would love to see more like this or some where a gire uses sex toys and strapons on a boy and
#3  Post at  2012-07-27 23:31:50
this is fucked up. im sorry guy. your day wasnt supposed to be ruined like that
#2  Post at  2012-07-27 16:24:25
Looks like she's desperate.
#1  Post at  2012-07-27 09:29:22
funny one
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