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Nasty futanari and shemale manga.Cute shemale's anal has been fucked by futanari.There are a lot anal extreme scenes like anal fisting
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#9  Post at  2015-07-18 14:13:52
The Best Picture Anime Ecchi Hentai! [*o^]
#8  Post at  2015-06-21 14:36:36
This site has 704 comics, Exhentai has 9,500 futa doujin
#7  Post at  2015-04-06 10:33:08
to poster #6 - what other websites?
#6  Post at  2015-03-22 18:49:06
Well poster #5, the reason why people are "bitching" is because other websites outshine it in everyway leaving no purpose going here other than nostalgia, which lets be frank, that's only me and two other people. It's a site that's dated and it's kinda sad seeing it once the best site for futanari now "okay".
#5  Post at  2014-12-18 10:31:58
Why bitching about a free and rather conveniently organised collection of generally good porn? While wanking is mostly a loss of time, it's still a better usage of it... Also there are almost 720 uploads. Some may be reuploads, but asking for more is a bit... Ah well... Wankin' time!
#4  Post at  2014-12-17 15:29:03
kind of glad this site is dying... whoever runs it clearly only cares about the ad revenue.
#3  Post at  2014-08-20 01:07:45
Kinda sad that this site is no longer updating with any new manga...
#2  Post at  2014-08-05 01:26:32
Solid 4, too short, but still pretty good.
#1  Post at  2014-08-05 00:43:25
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